GMIT’s Synod Emergency Response Post Sends Aid to Rote, Semau and Mollo

Disaster aid from GMIT’s Synod Emergency Response Post and other donors arrives at Nekemunifeto village, West Mollo Presbytery

KUPANG,, Today, Thursday, 6 May 2021, GMIT’s Cyclone Seroja Emergency Response Post delivered a second round of aid to congregations that were affected by the cyclone in several presbyteries in the areas of Rote, Semau, and Mollo.

Emergency aid was sent in the form of cash during the first week after the storm; the second installment of aid consisted of Bibles, basic household supplies, generators, clothing, etc., as follows: 

Semau: 200 Bibles, 11 bags of clothing, 1 generator

Rote: 290 Bibles, 3 tons of rice, 23 bags of clothing, 26 cases of instant noodles, 29 boxes of vitamin C, 31 racks of eggs, 50 bottles of cooking oil, and a number of masks.

The Presbyteries of West and East Mollo each received 20 bags of rice, 4 bags of clothing, 1 generator, instant noodles, cooking oil, soap, masks medicine, and cereal.

Distribution of aid to the presbyteries of Rote

Rev. Ori Nenometa, a member of the aid distribution team, said that in addition to aid from GMIT’s emergency response center, there was also aid donated by the Church of Jesus Christ (GKY), the BEST congregation in Kupang, and the GMIT congregation Kefas Bisuaf of the West Mollo Presbytery, which donated roofing materials, matresses, and basic household supplies to the Pniel Talimaman congregation in Nekemunifeto, central Mollo, South Central Timor Regency.

“On this trip members these local sister churches have joined us on the journey to Nekemunifeto. They have brought aid in the form of 80 sheets of roofing tin, 44 sleeping mats, and basic household supplies for the Pniel Talimaman congregation.

The household supplies were given to 90 local families, while the roofing materials were for 4 local houses that were severely damaged.

Delivery of roofing tin for congregations in Semau Presbytery

The Moderator of East Mollo Prebytery, Rev. Zsdrak Malailak and the Moderator of Semau Presbytery, Rev. Joice Tulle expressed their thanks to the GMIY Emergency Response Team and other donors for their support and concern.

“In addition to the material aid we received, we were also given Rp. 20 million from the GMIT Synod Emergency Response Team. That money was used to buy roofing tin and nails, which we gave out to church members who were affected by the storm. Thank you very much to all the donors and to the GMIT Synod team for all their help,” said Rev. Joice Tulle. ***

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